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The discount fare for off-peak travel, which provides a 30% reduction over the normal fare, is available under Myki for all services timetabled to arrive in, and depart from, Melbourne outside the designated peak times. var change_link = false; Which court do you need?. } The cost of a card is $6 full fare, or $3 concession. AMC Salud Grupo de Medicina Privada. Do I really need to touch off every time? It is also important to note that even though a Myki Pass on your card may be valid for travel, you cannot commence a journey using Myki Pass if the Myki Money balance on that card is negative. Allegedly! No cash on hand to top up with the bus driver, despite it being 2019 not 2009 what do you mean I cant pay on card? You can then use your phone to touch on and off. change_link = false; Under those circumstances, you have taken every reasonable step to get a valid ticket. The website is the brainchild of reform activist group Young Liberty for Law Reform, and aims to arm Victorians with the necessary knowledge to deal with the system that refuses to provide it. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) has published a privacy policy which goes into some detail about when they might provide someones travel data to authorities. The Magistrate may impose a fine, an undertaking to be of good behaviour, or a finding of guilt with no penalty, with or without a conviction. I don t know can pure wave be used for erectile dysfunction about other places, but the cook was the first to get sick at the official post, so I felt that something was wrong in the kitchen. For those with compatible phones, Myki Mobile is free. [CDATA[ */ From everyday expenses like groceries and eating out, to electronics, fashion and travel, the club is all about helping you make your money go further. For your Myki Pass to be valid, your Myki Money balance must be at least $0.00. Prior to attending Court, consider writing to the Department to ask for information and documents relevant to your fine. if(document.links[t].hasAttribute('onClick') == false) { If the machine is broken and you can't touch on, don't get on the train/tram at all if you don't want to risk a fine.". Unfortunately, its likely you will have to eventually pay the $223 fine. Although only the 30 and 325+ day prices are listed above, you can buy a Pass for anything from 28 to 365 days. img#wpstats{display:none} What greeted us as we alighted at Footscray station? Whatever it is, these little things happen from time to time and usually aren't a big issue. Abso-fucking-lutely not. Common fines on the public transport network The fines below are effective as at 1 July 2022. it just goes to show - you can't trust Myki! } Whether to plead innocent or guilty. Once you receive the ticket infringement notice, you can write to the Department of Transport seeking internal review. Patrick Scala ( function( w, d, s, l, i ) { Fare evading means not holding a Myki that was touched on on the tram or bus you are travelling on, or at the train station where your journey began. Mr Burnside said it was important to have a record of this request, whether it be in writing or in a voice or video recording. "Our little team of lawyers can just check what people's circumstances are and say 'righty-o, we'll act for you', and go in and knock them off one-by-one," he said. is it more likely you will get a fine or a warning? You can also use a Myki Card Vending Machine or a Myki Check (blue-colured) machine to find out the balance on your card. It's actually easy to game the system and deliberately skip touching on to save dollars, but please DON'T do it. You arrive at Flinders Street Station, only to find that you can't pass through the myki gates, because your card has not been touched on. However, I don't accept that the price of the concession ticket, $4.60, is unreasonable. Public transport infringements operate under the legal principle of "strict liability". MyKi Touch moe da alje govorne poruke MyKi Watch aplikaciji koju nadzire roditelj. function external_links_in_new_windows_loop() { Privacy Policy. // console.log('force ' + all_links.href); You have taken all reasonable steps to get a valid ticket. How to touch on and off If you're using a myki card, touch your myki to the centre of the reader. Top up myki money. Touch on. Provided everything works correctly, it does give you the best daily fare, by charging you the cheapest possible fare for each trip, and upgrading it automatically, for instance from a 2-hour Zone 1, to a Daily Zone 1+2 whatever is cheapest for your days travel. I am sure if I tried to do that I would be caught by an Inspector. Transport offences Passengers may also receive a fine for anti-social behaviour and other transport offences. You can find out when your card expires by checking it on a Myki Card Vending Machine or blue Myki Check machine. s = d.createElement('script'); Given the electronic nature of the Myki system, it is ridiculous that getting compensation is a manual process, involving filling in a form and posting it. Edit: here is the letter, since Ive been getting a request every week or so. Everyone, whether they pleaded guilty or innocent, was allowed to tell their side of the story. For more information about taking infringements to Court see Homeless Law in Practices comprehensive guide. Your IP: Did you email Yarra trams? You can use it to create an adult or concession virtual Myki card on your phone. It's up to them if you get a fine or not. If you register your card you are protected against theft or the loss of the card, because you can report the loss, have your Myki deactivated, and have the remaining credit balance transferred to a new card. var all_links = document.links[t]; LastPass Authenticator is a fine product developed in the market by LogMeIn, Inc. that enables its global users to get all the security without any frustration through its secure cloud . By signing up, you agree to Pedestrian Group's Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy. Sixty days or less before the expiry date, you can either apply online or download an Application for Replacement Myki. It was my fault and I wasnt going to argue and pay the bigger fine. Twas a gaggle of Metdogs, of course. WHO WOULDVE BLOODY WELL KNOWN. You must also touch on when boarding at railway stations if your destination is a gated station, otherwise the gates at your destination may not let you out, and you may have to queue for staff assistance. The validity of a Myki card expires four years after purchase, but the expiry date is not shown on the card itself. Instances where fines are committed: When the Authorised Officer had asked why I didnt try to top up with the bus driver, Id eloquently expressed, I dont know.. Paste it in an email or messenger program to share it with your friends! }. So because the system is so utterly, well and truly borked, we now have this. Touching on and touching off allows the system to know what to charge you, although touching off on trams is optional (see below). It is available on phones with recent versions of Android (5.0 and higher) that have NFC (Near-Field Communication). if(document.links[t].hasAttribute('onClick') == false) { (A similar situation happened with MyKi, the Melbourne - Australia plastic card system and they had to change the way the cards were used as tens thousands of people were issued . I was in the County Court. a Myki Pass for part of their journey and sufficient Myki Money to pay for any remaining part of the journey. Order a myki card. I regularly catch the bus and it makes me so angry to see so many people just walk on without using a Myki card. } Find more information here for students, here for Heath Care Card holders and here for seniors. However, you are not allowed to share your card if Myki Pass is loaded on it. if (typeof window.onload != 'function'){ .page-id-1799240 .entry-title { Few passengers wanted a new ticket system, and the PTUA argued that, for a fraction of the cost, either the previous Metcard system could have been updated, or a cheaper Smartcard system bought from elsewhere. Guy wouldn't give his details. iPhone. s.src = '' + + '&t=other'; h.appendChild(s); As noted above, you still need to touch on and off if you are travelling on a tram entirely within the Zone 1/2 overlap, if you want to ensure that you pay the cheaper Zone 2 fare. If you're on a Myki Pass (eg a weekly or 28-365 day pass, the equivalent of a Monthly or Yearly) and your trip started in a zone covered by the Pass (eg it's your usual trip), the default fare is $0.00. Throw it in the bin. Authorised PTV officers are equipped with portable EFTPOS machines to collect the "penalty fares", but the on-the-spot fines are just an option. As you travel you touch on and touch off, and the system will debit your Myki card as you go. So I got on the tram for the first time today, and sat down. If you want to help support our work, please join us. Plead guilty? Mobile Myki is a way of paying Myki fares using a mobile phone. Mobile Myki should work on all Myki readers on stations, trams and buses, but it doesnt work with Myki vending machines, nor on Myki Quick Top-up machines. This makes things extremely difficult for tourists, for new and occasional public transport users, or for passengers who have problems with their Myki, and it will be a further source of fare evasion. Crying. To make this method of Factory Reset work your Touch watch needs to have phone reception and it needs to be paired with a phone. You can see full details of the offer here. Different phones have their NFC chip in different positions. A broken Myki machine does not magically give you a legitimate excuse to travel without a valid ticket. In case you forget to Touch On and are caught by Ticket Agent then you will be fined 75 AUD. Then contest it, because it'll never make it to court. The problem is many people think an Infringement Notice is the same as a fine and they get very upset. If the case is straightforward and you can show that circumstances were outside your control, you don't have a long history of infringements and do have a good Myki touch-on record, they will almost certainly withdraw the notice. Note that Myki Card Vending Machines only dispense full-fare cards. It is not just young people either. I did appealed a fine successful. #post-1784265 .brightcove-video-container { Passengers need to purchase a Zone 1 + 2 pass, which costs no extra. Features several card slots in the cover which is quite handy for daily use with your bank cards, myki, Medicare card, etc. All were classic cases of Metdoggery. '&l=' + l : ''; You will receive a charge and summons, which will tell you when your first Court date is. As it turns out, I wasnt even due in the Magistrates Court. You can also set a registered card to be topped up automatically with money from your bank account. If you want to read all the fine print yourself, its contained in the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual. Touching off was made optional on trams, to avoid delays. MyKi devices have the following functionalities: two-way calls, an SOS button, parental control and chat features. forgot to touch on myki finechi st vincent hot springs phone number 2022.07.01 . By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. They dont tell you what your rights are, and then they intimidate you with the consequences of not choosing an on-the-spot fine.. The court date wasnt until April 2021. If your travel is eligible for the Weekend Saver daily fare (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), then Myki charges you a maximum of $6.70 per day ($3.35 concession). // forced if the address starts with http (or also https), but does not link to the current domain window.onload = func; It is worth noting that Londons buses and trams were both switched to a flat fare system, requiring no touch-off, because delays during disembarking were causing problems. The courts ruled if you can prove you have done everything possible to get a ticket you cannot be fined. In reality, you must touch on the first time you use a ticket for a particular journey, to set its expiry date and time. touch your card on a reader, or check the balance at a vending machine) within 90 days, the system archives that top-up amount (and only that top-up amount), meaning that you can no longer access that money immediately to add to the balance on your card. Or does it have to do with the strike? Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Bus drivers no longer sell or top up Mykis. I was done for. You will need to print out the Replacement Request Receipt and post it along with the Myki you want to replace.

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