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The property chosen for the plant was on Mill River, a brook just off the present Water Street. upholstered, and all steel chairs ; school furniture: desk sets, typewriter desk sets, graded all-purpose chairs, students' Scott, Tim. I have a Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. Chicago, Il. Add To Cart. 16" wide x 22" deep x 38" tall. Heywood Wakefield values fluctuate like any market. Between 12th and 14th Streets Should I refinish What company used two crossed arrows as a symbol? He was the father of former Fitchburg Mayor Robert E. Greenwood. Heywood-Wakefield introduced many innovations to the world of chair making, such as in the 1860s when painted landscapes and baskets of fruit and flowers were adorned to their chair backings. Located on Bostons busy waterfront, the elder Wakefield kept a watchful eye out for occasional business opportunities in commercial refuse and cast-off materials. Wakefield then sold his rattan at a profit to several local shops in the business of hand-making reed and rattan chairs. Lilley Eaton, in his 1874 history, reported that Wakefield inexplicably entered this competition by making cane seats by hand. to open a store to sell chairs. By good fortune, he was able to acquire this rattan at a greatly depressed price, and ultimately resell it at a considerable profit in a marketplace which, by this time, he monopolized. antique flag. Valued by collectors It was the growing zeal of collectors that opened Leonard Riforgiato's eyes to the possibility of reviving the line of blond furniture from the company that had gone out of business after 153 years. One can only imagine the feeling of some of the elders of the community who, on a daily trek through the city, may pass by their former place of work and wonder where it has all gone. The actual manufacturing occurred in a wood frame building which had been part of the mill property. Trying to find info on a Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company wooden ladder-backed chair with a cane seat. Over the years, the name Heywood would become one of the most recognizable in Gardner. A total of 75 people were employed: 5 men and 20 women. Siebert. A Royal Hobby: Collecting King Charles Memorabilia, More Than Meets the Eye: Antique Furniture Surprises. [11] Heywood-Wakefield's resulting Sleepy Hollow seat came into wide use. Chief among these were his brilliant engineers, lead by Mr. Charles W. Trow, the master mechanic, and Mr. William Houston, for 40 years foreman of the Companys mat and carpet department. Published bySchiffer, 1997 ISBN 10: 0887406181ISBN 13: 9780887406188 Seller: GreatBookPrices, Columbia, MD, U.S.A. SNAC is a discovery service for persons, families, and organizations found within archival collections at cultural heritage institutions. 1826) and Wakefield Company (est. written by John Wall Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750, Relevant Furniture & Furnishings Articles. By the mid-1970s, the multistory plant on Central Street became a financial burden and was sold in the spring of 1978 to Gardner Industries Corp. A number of smaller operations moved into the complex, while casket manufacturer Wood-Tek occupied the north side. 8, 1912-1913 Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company [catalog], William F. Crowley photographic collection of fences, ( I circled with white pencil the problems I found while taking the pictures. Levi was instrumental in getting the Fitchburg Railroad to run through Gardner and in the building of the Boston, Barre & Gardner Railroad. [6] The Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex in Gardner was added to the National Historic Register in 1983. In 1897, the Heywood Co. consolidated with the Wakefield Rattan Co. and the Heywood and Morrill Rattan Co., which was located in Wakefield, Mass., and it was incorporated as the Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. Beginning in the 1920s through the early Depression era of the 1930s, the expansion of Heywood-Wakefield Co. reached its peak in production and personnel. Color furniture in the home, Heywood-Wakefield Company, Boston, Mass. Work began to be outsourced, with many of the wooden pieces being cut and shaped overseas only to be assembled at the Gardner plant. languages and The coast-to-coast expansion of the corporation was completed shortly thereafter when both a factory and retail store were opened in San Francisco. Antique Wicker: From the Heywood-Wakefield Catalog by Schiffer Publishing Ltd ,1997. The 1925 Paris Exposition and the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair made lasting impressions on all art disciplines, including furniture design. webbing, children's go-carts and carriages, cocoa door mats and mattings, opera chairs and school furniture, portable, folding Heywood also makes an important contribution to scholarship arguing persuasively for a re-structuring of the chapter and section breaks. By the late 1860s, town records indicate that the Wakefield Rattan Company was using not only the inner pith or reed but the scrap shavings as well in baskets, furniture, carpets, mats and many other useful articles.. In this way, Wakefield got into what his advertisements called Straits Goods business: tea and spices from Malaya and the East Indies. Paradoxically, the solution came from Marshall Burns Lloyd whose own company, the Lloyd Manufacturing Co. of Menominee, Michigan was acquired by Charles Lang in 1921. Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. Staff. The resulting depression, known as the Panic of 73 was the most severe the country had experienced. But while reed is very porous and can be stained rattan is hard, resists staining, and does not take paint well. In addition, the Mount Wachusett Community College campus was built on the former Heywood Farm. ), Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, makers of cane and wood seat chairs, reed and rattan furniture : chair cane and cane There can be little doubt that since Cyrus 2nd knew the intricacies of the East Indies or Straits Goods business, his presence was badly needed in settling his uncles estate. There are many people newcomers to the city who likely never had the chance to witness Gardner as the thriving industrial community it once was. ), Danish modern and beyond : Scandinavian inspired furniture from Heywood-Wakefield, Annual catalogue of children's go-carts, gocarettes and convertible and carriages : petanted Nov. 14, 1899-march 12, 1901, Reed and rattan furniture, chair cane and children's go-carts and carriages, Before the Interstate Commerce Commission, Michigan Seating Company vs. Grand Trunk Western Railway Company, et al., I.C.C. At the death of Cyrus Wakefield, his nephew, Cyrus Wakefield 2nd, was called home from Singapore to assume the responsibilities of managing the company. ), ( Less than ten shares were owned by others. The OCLC Research WorldCat Identities project is ending. Both companies produced rattan and wicker furniture that became very popular during the last quarter of the 19th century as outdoor and conservatory furnishings. We offer a fine selection of extra large and comfortable Stick style wicker furniture. Running a Vintage Business: How Do You Know What to Sell? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Antique Heywood Wakefield Wicker Sewing Stand at the best online prices at eBay! This is what antiques dealers use to determine what they are willing to pay for such vintage pieces. If I do find something, I will send you a message. A Royal Hobby: Collecting King Charles Memorabilia, More Than Meets the Eye: Antique Furniture Surprises, Danish Modern and Beyond: Scandinavian Inspired Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield, Antique Wicker: From the Heywood-Wakefield Catalog. Glenda B. is online now Our items date from the 1860s to the 1940s, and many of them are signed pieces from the largest makers of the periods, such as Heywood Brothers, Wakefield Rattan Company, Heywood/Wakefield Company and Whitney and Reed Company. American Home blue print pattern #2010, dry sink, Dorothy Lambert Trumm, American Home Publishing Company, New York, New York Illustrated catalogue and price list of the Shakers' Chairs, manufactured by the Society of Shakers, Emporium Publications, P.O. He therefore set about establishing a modern, machine-based production capability. If you would like to know how you can use content on this page, see the Smithsonian's Terms of Use. The top of the seat is 11 high from the floor. Poor's Manual of Industrials 1916. In the 1830s, the brothers formalized their partnership under the direction of Levi. An equipment auction attracted hundreds of buyers who bid on some 1,726 lots. Collector Books, 1994. By using his own vessels, Wakefields Rattan Company was able to save over $200,000 per year. Research material, history, geography. The furniture the company is best known for today are the pieces made from 1935 through 1966 in the "Streamline Style." Heywood-Wakefield Full Size MCM Storage Headboard $275 (tacoma / pierce) 10.9mi $250 Fev 23 Solid Wood Entertainment Center $250 (Bainbridge Island) 13.3mi $750 Fev 23 Solid Wood Drexel Cabinets $750 (Bainbridge Island) 13.3mi $50 Fev 16 Antique Wood and Iron Steamer Chest Trunk Coffee Side Table $50 (Bainbridge Island) 13.3mi $200 Fev 23 In the early 1870s, when Eaton was writing his Genealogical History of Reading, he inserted in a section listing of the products manufactured by the Rattan Company at the time. with Walter making chairs and Levi and Benjamin selling them at a country store. The Streamline Maple line was renamed Streamline Modern in 1937. gigs, strollers, sleeper strollers, bassinets and cribs, Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company : makers of the Heywood go-carts and carriages, ( Reconstruction took place immediately. Free shipping for many products! (Winterthur Library). All rights reserved. Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company label. By 1921, the name was shortened to Heywood-Wakefield Company and remained that way until the 1940s when the wicker furniture industry became obsolete and fell out of fashion with the buying public. Although it took twelve years to settle his affairs, all claims against the estate were eventually resolved by selling off Wakefields immense personal assets in furniture, spices, stock, and real estate. Through a grant from Heywood-Wakefield, the Association employed a Harvard professor of anthropology, E. A. Hooton, to research rail passenger seat preferences in 1945. Production increased and warehouses were opened in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and San Francisco in the late 1870s and 1880s. The company began its South Reading operation in 1855 by making baskets and the skirt hoops popular in that day. So what do you think? The tag Have antique repair questions? Antique Heywood Wakefield Signed Wicker Accent Oc. For more information, see our biography of Cyrus Wakefield, and the story of the Wakefield Rattan industry. Maker: Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company (American, 1897-1921) Date: 1897-1910 Geography: Made in Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States Culture: American Medium: Rattan, maple, possibly ash Dimensions: 43 1/2 x 27 5/8 x 20 3/4 in. Dover Publications, 1982. By 1894, at the 250th anniversary of the founding of Reading and Wakefield, the Wakefield Rattan Company was the largest business of its kind in the world.. In every reporting year, the Wakefield plant performed well, being profitable even during pre-World War years 1910 to 1917 which were occasions of major strikes and labor unrest. Eagle stamp that has Heywood Wakefield. Heywood-Wakefield furniture is an American brand founded in 1897. Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company chair ID help. Just nine days before his death, however, Wakefield, on October 17, 1873, incorporated his rattan business only, under the name Wakefield Rattan Company. The company purchased another rival maker of wicker style furniture, Lloyd Manufacturing Company, the same year. This decision, combined with the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, resulted in retrenchment and plant consolidation within the Heywood-Wakefield Company. After going through several name iterations, the company eventually merged with Wakefield Rattan Company, Inc. in the late 1890s and eventually ended up as Heywood-Wakefield Co. in 1921. Little by little, the buildings where these manufacturing concerns were located have been removed from the scene. And if you were seeking furnishings to outfit your infants nursery, you would look no further than Gem Crib and Cradle Co. or Thayers. They were made by Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. Portland, OR. Old swivel chairs made by Brody furniture from Chicago. The building occupies a plot 100 by 200, extending through from West 34th street to West 33rd street, the twelve stories and basement being occupied entirely by the Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co., a branch of which is located in Chicago. At that time, the American Rattan Company of Fitchburg, Massachusetts was the only company using machinery to split rattan products. In time, the factory expanded with the development of the flatiron building on the right-hand side of Central Street, as well as two buildings on Central and Pine streets. SEE 22 Vintage Antique Mid Century Side Tables, Nightstands (Group 2) (3115 W. Irving Park Road) image 1 of 22 Curved demilune back sits on 2 rectangular, 2 round. Raised in Reading and employed by Cyrus Wakefield since 1872, Lang was, by the 1890s, a national figure in the furniture and rattan business. The Heywood-Wakeeld company contin-ues to make its Mid-Century Modern furni-ture from Northern yellow birch wood, but nowadays selects higher quality woods than the company originally used. Their main rival, the Wakefield Rattan Company began operations in 1855. Wakefield initiated its mechanized production. chair that I have is too old to be in the book you suggested. Experience, 40+yrs.Dealer buying/selling antiques.14+ yrs. [7] Its furniture was exhibited at the 1933 Century of Progress exhibition and at the 1964 New York World's Fair. Product Information. Shop a collection of Heywood-Wakefield furniture from some of the world's top sellers on 1stDibs. My chair has "US" carved into the front of the upper back. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Another event worth noting occurred in 1886 when Edward Goodrich Watkins joined Heywood Brothers and Co. to work in the department headed by his father, Gardner Watkins. Its older products are considered collectibles[1][2][3] and have been featured on Antiques Roadshow. Over time, Americans stopped purchasing the quality line of hardwood furniture made by Heywood-Wakefield. Although the Wakefield Rattan Companys most enduring and widely known products have always been its rattan and wicker furniture, the small amount of evidence available would seem to indicate that furniture items were not the firms leading products until the late 1870s. Hand weaving of rattan chairs and sofas is shown in process in the rare interior photograph. It went on to become a major presence in the US. That year a store was opened on Broadway in New York City, soon followed by two wholesale establishments on Pearl and Cliff Streets. By the mid-1980s, the Heywood-Wakefield flatiron building was renovated into the Heywood Place apartments, and by 1989 the expansion continued with the Wakefield building across the street. HEYWOOD BROTHERS AND WAKEFIELD COMPANY. Danish Modern and Beyond: Scandinavian Inspired Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield. Required fields are marked *. Is there another option for getting more information on my chair? Hickory Chair Company $350 $350 (richmond va) Photo cacher cette annonce montrer montrer cette annonce. Cyrus Wakefield 2nd had worked for the senior Wakefield since 1855, and had represented his uncle in Singapore since 1865. The Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Co. Chicago, Il. It is some type of recliner, made of, not witcher, that I Ask an Expert General Questions Antiques Appraiser Glenda B., Antiques Appraiser 55,169 Satisfied Customers 40+ yrs. WorldCat record id: 86134510, Permalink: http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w71f2z. Site is running on IP address, host name (Mountain View United States) ping response time 6ms Excellent ping. The name was shorted in 1921 Heywood-Wakefield. So using . Book Co. Chamber Suites 1881, J.S. One of her brothers worked for the house of Messrs. Russell and Company of Canton, China Cyrus Wakefield sent his brother-in-law samples of the cane in highest demand, no doubt inquiring as to the cost of having the rattan split in Canton with lower cost Chinese labor. Topic: Furniture. In 1897, the two furniture companies Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company merged to create Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company. Heywood Brothers was established in 1826, whereas Wakefield Company opened up in 1855. library holdings. This reduced the price dramatically and the two companies competed heavily during the 1870's-1880's. Wakefield Company and Haywood Brothers & Company ultimately merged to form Heywood-Wakefield Company in 1897. Hi Lucy :) Another option is connect with our sister site that has furniture experts. By 1880, the towns Reports of Tax Commissioners placed the value of Rattan Companys facilities at over $234,000, at that time worth more than the entire assets of the Town itself. With the capital from the New York speculation, Wakefield opened his first factory in the old Wakefield Building on Canal Street in Boston. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. He resold a portion of his other properties to businesses in which he had an interest, including real estate, banking and utilities. Unlike rattan goods, however, Wakefields venture into woodenware products was aimed mainly at export to Europe and primarily to Great Britain. to open a store to sell chairs. The five Heywood brothers began making chairs in 1826 and the company was formally introduced as B.F. Heywood & Co. in 1835. Celluloid lables with the "Heywood-Wakefield" identification appear on furniture manufactured in 1921 or after. Additional . He continued this activity even after he had established himself in the grocery business. Part I is the rags-to-riches tale of Cyrus Wakefield, a poor New Hampshire farm boy who built a part-time industrial refuse business into no less than four multi-million dollar empires, in East Indies spices, Boston real estate, railroads, and the rattan goods business. The oldest furniture factory in America first began in 1826 when the five sons of Benjamin Heywood Levi, Benjamin, Walker, William and Seth opened their chair-making shop in a barn adjacent to their fathers farmhouse, which stood on the corner of Elm and Central streets in Gardner. The Wakefield Rattan Company Inc. was capitalized with $1,000,000, with Cyrus Wakefield himself being the principle owner of the great majority of the 1000 shares of outstanding stock. Then when they merged in 1897, the name changed to the Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company (1897-1921). By 1877, the date of the earliest surviving price lists, woodenware has disappeared from the inventory of the Wakefield Rattan Company. Apart from chairs, what other furniture did they make? It is highly recommended to anyone interested in further, more in depth reading on Cyrus Wakefield, the Wakefield Rattan Company and American rattan and wicker furniture in particular. Determining the Value of a Heywood Wakefield Chair. Likely published in the 1900s - 1910s.Commonly called opera chairs since the 1800s, these iron castings and. In 1851, he established his home on land now occupied by the Galvin Junior High School and the Americal Civic Center. It was a US furniture manufacturer established in 1897. The company produced wicker and rattan furnishings in all the popular styles of the late Victorian period through the 1930s, such as Aesthetic, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco. Santa Rosa, CA. Heywood Wakefield operated its Gardner, Massachusetts, plant until 1979. The Gardner, Massachusetts public library, the Levi Heywood Memorial Library, has in its Heywood Wakefield Company collection a fascinating leather bound three-ring binder containing approximately 100 pages of precisely handwritten company data analyzing and comparing all locations, departments and production records of the company in matrix chart format. Next week: Tiny Templeton High wins state baseball championship against Boston-area power Somerville (June 1936). When Joseph Thomas died in 1891, Temple R. Fay, a member of the Board of Directors succeeded to the Company presidency. By the turn of the 20th century, the Watkins family would incorporate the Simplex Time Recorder Co., which would eventually join Heywood-Wakefield among Gardners largest employers. Pieces made before the company merger of Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company in 1897 were labeled Heywood Brothers. The company used a variety of paper tags on their Streamline Maple line introduced in 1935, but few survive intact due to wear. On the night of March 12 1881, the Wakefield Rattan Company lost most of its buildings, then mostly wood frame, in a huge fire, known for years in the local newspapers as the Great Rattan Company Fire. Heywood Wakefield started off as two separate companies. RESERVED for Mister R 1910 Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company Chicago Catalog No. It has carved outer facing lion heads on the front top. I have a Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company, Chicago chair. [11], Last edited on 30 November 2021, at 22:31, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Heywood-Wakefield_Company&oldid=1058005542, This page was last edited on 30 November 2021, at 22:31. He was soon elected the new president of the Wakefield Rattan Company, a post which he held together with that of treasurer, alternating with Mr. Joseph B. Thomas. Together they developed many new machines, including a time clock to record the hours and minutes worked by employees. Since then, the buildings have been part of various industrial parks, housing many small tenants. You are welcome Lucy. A Heywood Wakefield chair offered on Ebay for $225. Never heard the blast of the Heywood-Wakefield whistle each morning at 7 or at noon. Includes rocking chairs, armchairs, divans, tables, cabinets, etc. furniture, summer (cane, reed and stick rattan) furniture, wood and leather chairs, porch furniture, and baby carriages, coaches, Antique Rocking Chair - RARE $150 (Barboursville) . 2 The firm was impacted by the negative publicity, which spread nationwide by the initial closing announcement. [7] The merged entity stayed abreast of wicker furniture trends by hiring designers such as Paul Frankl and Donald Deskey during the 1920s. The manufacturing schedules of the U.S. Census of 1860 provide even more detail. Here is a bit of background about Heywood Wakefield Company. antique hutch. Complete reproduction of rare 1897 premiere issue of most famous wicker company catalog; probably finest primary source. Four hours of searching and I see nothing even remotely similar to this chair. [4][5], Heywood Brothers was established in 1826, Wakefield Company in 1855. At the end of the American Civil War in 1865, business was going so well for the Company that Wakefield sent his nephew and namesake, Mr. Cyrus Wakefield 2nd, to Singapore, since which time (by 1874) they have imported nearly the whole stock of rattan for the country., By 1876, The Illustrated Wakefield Almanac for 1876 was reporting that the Wakefield Rattan Factory was the principal industry of Wakefield.twenty years ago established by Cyrus Wakefield who began the manufacture of rattan carpets and furniture in a small building on Water Street. Now a thousand employees were employed, making tables, chairs, carpets, curtains, mats, brooms, baskets, flower-stands, cradles and woodholders, all of rattan, every part of the cane now being utilized.. $125 (Chicago) Photo cacher cette annonce montrer montrer cette annonce. At some point after he started rattan manufacturing in South Reading, Cyrus Wakefield also got into woodenware. Since neither Cyrus Wakefield nor the Wakefield Rattan Company were known to have had manufacturing facilities outside of South Reading, it is assumed that these household products were also made on the grounds of the Rattan Company. Dr. Jeremy Adamsons book, American Wicker, Woven Furniture from 1850 to 1930, documents the history of wicker and rattan furniture, and provides the following definition of rattan and its by-products: Rattan is the stem or trunk of a climbing palm, genus Calamus, which grows in Malaya, India, China and other south Asian countries. Side Chairs. One of the factors which greatly contributed to the success of the Wakefield Rattan Company was no doubt Cyrus Wakefields ability to chose men of genius and intelligence as his key employees. . Check out John Nye's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Heywood-Wakefield Rocker, ca. This rocker measures 24 high to the top of the back, between the arms is 14 1/2 wide by 13 1/2 deep on the seat. Vintage Postmodern Swivel Vanity Chair c1980 - $275 Round swivel vanity chair with tan painted walnut base and back, 4 square tapered legs. In 1897; these companies merged, thus forming Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company. The work provided valuable insight into how to mine bibliographic Their main rival, the Wakefield Rattan Company began operations in 1855. Wakefields Soldiers and Sailors Monument. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation . Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company Search this Subject: Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company Catalogs Search this Physical description: 106 p. : all ill. ; 31 cm Type: Catalogs Date: . 31 1/4'' h. x 64'' Two pieces of Victorian era furniture: recamier Two pieces of Victorian era furniture: recamier sofa, scrolled carved oak frame with floral button tufted upholstery, some areas of sun fade and wear to You may find Heywood Wakefield dressers and Heywood Wakefield Vanities in the $300-$1200 range, although this depends . Up until this time, all of Cyrus Wakefields considerable properties, investments and businesses had been privately held. Your email address will not be published. It was not made before 1900, however, because all of the company's chairs before 1900 were made of wicker and/or rattan. you read and agreed to the. chair that is too old to be in the "Heywood Wakefield Modern Furniture Identification and Value Guide" book . Eventually, Wakefield decided to buy his own ships to handle rattan cargoes. Recently Viewed View More As OCLC continues to build out the WorldCat Entities ecosystem, please use it as a source for persistent Person I have an oval table with similar label. For reasons not yet known, however, when Wakefield died in 1873, he and the Rattan Company were no longer owners of their own shipping. This had to be something of risk to Wakefield since the American Rattan Company seems to have been one of the largest customers for his imported rattan. Heywood-Wakefield was founded in 1897 when two furniture companies, Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company merged. The Wakefield Rattan Company eventually proved the victor in this competition when it bought out the American Rattan Company in 1875, closed it down within a few years, and moved its equipment to Wakefield. When the outer bark is removed and the vine dried, what remains is the hard inner shell, the rattan. Heywood Wakefield China Hutch Buffet Bubble Crown Glass M1547 on M1544 $1,995 . Both of these companies produced wicker and rattan furniture, and they were serious rivals. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant identifiers. Mar 11, . We may update this record based on further research and review. In 1930, the Company closed its Wakefield plant. you have an Antique Maple Rocking Chair with Bentwood Arms. Around 1910, the ground work was being laid for the end of the rattan business in Wakefield. Running a Vintage Business: How Do You Know What to Sell? At that time, Lloyd and other manufacturers were experimenting with materials as diverse as prairie grass and paper. Those still standing include the four storey reed furniture factory on the west, the three storey matting and rug factory on the east, and a small brick, varnish house. For credit card security reasons, all orders are taken "live" on the telephone; we have no mechanism for on-line ordering. As early as 1876, a warehouse in New York City was in operation, located on the present site of the Woolworth Building. The timing of the exhibition could not have been better; large numbers of American middle class families were just beginning to move to suburban and country homes, creating a demand for informal furniture for porches, summer homes and even parlors. We always have a variety of Heywood Brothers and Wakefield Company classic Bar Harbor style wicker furniture available. Like rattan, reed can be bent and shaped by hand. Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, the Rattan Company expanded steadily. #1. Saunders, Richard. My chair is a dark wood with a straight back, spindle legs and back, wood seat and has a tag under the seat with number 557-1. No one can really for what price a given item will sell for every time; for example if buyer numbers decrease due to growing interest in furniture from other makers. About this product. Undoubtedly, he followed their example in setting up a small operation on Canal Street with two, crude, hand-operated machines. The following year, at the annual meeting of 1889, the Board of Directors elected Mr. Lang treasurer. Nine days after he incorporated the Rattan Company, Cyrus Wakefield died suddenly of a heart attack.

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